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Video: How Oxygen Works & What Oxygen Does

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What Is Oxygen?
And How Does Oxygen Work?

Oxygen is a non-metallic element that is normally a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-flammable gas.

Oxygen is primarily absorbed through the lungs and carried throughout the body in blood cells.

On the other hand, liquid oxygen bypasses the lungs & is absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Why? Because there are actually different types of oxygen atoms called isotopes, and some do not have to be inhaled.

One of these "alternative" oxygen isotopes is found in our unique formulation of bio-available liquid oxygen within a liquid base. No breathing necessary ;-)

In general, oxygen is important because it is the key element responsible for the healthy life and activity of all cells. In fact, 80% of all our metabolic energy production is created by oxygen!

Oxygen enables cells to release, break the connection, of the energy that is stored in our food as high-energy chemical bonds. Then oxygen enables cells to use that energy to do what cells do: keep us alive... heart beating, brain thinking, kidneys flushing, to mention only a few.

The average amount of oxygen in the blood is about 96%. If levels dip below 90 percent then cells cease to perform as usual & your health could be at risk.

Our brain makes up only 2% of our total body mass, yet requires an amazing 25% of the body's oxygen. Decrease the amount of oxygen in your body and your brain becomes dull and listless. Increased oxygen promotes clearer thinking and reduced mental fatigue.

Oxygen also plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. Oxygen is necessary for the formation of white blood cells that fight disease and help maintain good health. A good supply of oxygen is especially necessary when infection depletes the oxygen your body uses to combat bad bacteria.

And oxygen is essential for maintaining and repairing all of your cells. It promotes the growth of both fibroblast (a type of repair cell) and collagen production, which are necessary to heal skin damage.

And, oxygen is essential in detoxifying your cells. Oxygen's (negative electrical charge) attaches itself to the Toxins in the cells and neutralizes their positive charge. Cell impurities become less magnetic and therefore less toxic and easier for the body to remove. With sufficient oxygen the cell's DNA can expel what doesn't belong there. This is the body healing itself!

Oxygen also plays a key role in stamina and endurance. You body stores its fuel, known as carbohydrates, in the form of glycogen. Mostly in the liver & smaller amounts in the muscles. When you put your muscles to work, the glycogen is transformed into glucose, then the glucose is burned by the body for the energy the muscles need.

Q: What does your body absolutely need to transform glycogen to glucose?


So, the more oxygen you have available for your cells to use, the faster the transformation of glycogen into glucose. And the faster the transformation, the more energy and stamina you'll have.

Bottom Line: Our bodies simply work better, faster and easier when they have a good supply of oxygen.

And those are only a few of the many ways oxygen is your body's essential nutrient.

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