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Article: Why Your Body Needs an Oxygen Supplement

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There is any doubt about the essential role oxygen plays in your life.  Taking a fresh breath of new air gives you the answer!

Once your body has all the air it needs, your energy level dramatically increases, your immune system is strengthened, and you can now bounce back from strenuous exercise, injury, and stress.

But Why?

Did you know that “the dissolved oxygen content in the blood of a healthy person is approximately four times that of air.”1 and, “All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. It must be replaced on a moment-to-moment basis because 90% of our life energy depends on it.”1 Welcome to the cutting edge world of bio-available liquid oxygen!

The athlete who knows the secret of using bio-available liquid oxygen to increase his stamina and energy will have an unbelievable edge over his competition. A worker trying to make a living in this economy can bounce back from stressful and anxious situations when he has his cells working at peak efficiency. In fact within a short time, you may notice benefits that include increased energy and stamina, strengthened immunity, improved digestion and respiration, clear thinking, and reduced mental fatigue.

Let’s take a look at the body chemistry that backs these statements.

Your body stores its fuel, carbohydrate compounds, in the form of glycogen, mostly in the liver and smaller amounts in the muscles. When you put your muscles to work, the glycogen is transformed into glucose which is then burned by the body for the energy the muscles need to get the job done. Now, what does your system absolutely need to cause that transformation of glycogen to glucose? Oxygen! (This process is called oxygenation.)

It stands to reason, the more oxygen you have available to your cells for this process, the faster the transformation and the more energy and stamina you’ll have available to get that edge. If you could super-load your blood and cells with available oxygen, your body would be working at peak efficiency.

Experience what a difference increased oxygen supplement can do for you! Bio-available oxygen could significantly improve the quality of your life!

Our OxygenSuperCharger™ is the world’s premiere bio-available liquid oxygen supplement.

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1. The Oxygen Answer for Health and Healing, Tonita d’Raye . The Ten Minute Read Company, P.O. Box 21075 Keizer, Oregon 97307-1075 (800) 834-8618