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Article: Sports Athletes Maximum Oxygen

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If there is anything that limits the peak performance for track athletes, it is how efficiently the cells of the body access oxygen. Let’s take a look at a supplement called bio-available liquid oxygen and see how it can aid in optimizing your track performance.

Whether your particular track event requires strength, speed, power, flexibility, endurance, or all five, you still have to decide how you will load your cells with oxygen-muscles-strength-stamina-enduranceoxygen in order to reach your peak performance.

Up until now, you’ve probably been concentrating on different combinations of skills training, psychological training, rest and recovery or nutrition. All of these are important, but they all depend on how your body uses oxygen. For example, how efficiently do your cells take in oxygen, how do the cells process that oxygen, and how much oxygen is available to your cells.

Did you know that “the dissolved oxygen content in the blood of a healthy person is approximately four times that of air?”1. And, “All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. It must be replaced on a moment-to-moment basis because 90% of our life energy depends on it.” Welcome to the cutting edge world of bio-available liquid oxygen!

Sports Athletes Maximum Oxygen Secret

The athlete who knows the secret of using bio-available liquid oxygen to increase his stamina and energy should have an unbelievable edge over his competition. Let’s take a look at the body chemistry that backs this statement.

Your body stores its fuel, carbohydrate compounds, in the form of glycogen, mostly in the liver and smaller amounts in the muscles. When you put your muscles to work, the glycogen is transformed into glucose which is then burned by the body for the energy the muscles need to get the job done. Now, what does your system absolutely need to cause that transformation of glycogen to glucose? Oxygen! (This process is called oxygenation.) It stands to reason, the more oxygen you have available to your cells for this process, the faster the transformation and the more energy and stamina you’ll have available to get that edge. If you could super-load your blood and cells with available oxygen, your body will be on its way to reaching its peak performance!

Skateboard Jump for JoyThere is a test you can do to determine how efficiently you handle oxygen, and it’s called VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake. This refers to the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can utilize during intense exercise. Scientifically, it can be stated as, “milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight”. Your level of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance is best indicated by this measurement.

Taking this test can be little painful because it requires an all-out effort on your part as the machine measures the volume and oxygen concentration of inhaled and exhaled air. The pain comes from reaching that point where your body moves from a state of aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism. Warning, you must be truly motivated to endure the pain in order to find your true VO2 max.

You can compare yourself to these VO2 max results: an average sedentary individual will be close to 35 ml/kg/min., whereas an endurance athlete can average 70 ml/kg/min. One of the highest VO2 max results was 90 ml/kg/min. for a cross country skier. Lance Armstrong’s VO2 max was said to be 85 ml/kg/min.

At a resting state, and average person will take in about 6 L of air per minute, where as an athlete under heavy performance stress can increase this rate from 6 to more than 15 L per minute.

swimmingIt stands to reason that more oxygen you can get to your cells the higher your VO 2 max results will be. This is where a supplement of bio-available liquid oxygen such as OxygenSuperCharger comes into play. When you start using bio-available liquid oxygen you may notice the wonderful benefits of increased energy and stamina for your athletic pursuits but you will also reap the benefits of strengthened immunity, improved digestion and respiration, clearer thinking and reduced mental fatigue that come from charging your cells with optimum oxygen.

In use, all it takes is 10 to 30 drops of bio-available liquid oxygen under your tongue before exercising to help you reach your optimal peak performance. You could significantly improve the quality of your track performance!

Our OxygenSuperCharger™ is the world’s premiere bio-available liquid oxygen supplement.

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