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Article: Free Oxygen

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You would think with oxygen being the third most abundant element in the universe, after hydrogen and helium, and the most abundant element by mass in the Earth’s crust (20.8%) that we would have plenty of oxygen available to us. But that’s not the case. Scientists have found that in large cities, the oxygen content of our air could be as low as 15% and in industrial areas 10%. This is a critical threat to our health. In fact, scientists believe if the oxygen content of air drops to 7%, human life could not be supported.


So, excuse me for getting political for a moment, but the first free way to increase available oxygen is through the voting process. Failed government policies and regulations and collusion with polluting corporations have caused our present dire quality of air.

We must take every opportunity to vote for inviolable property rights in order to protect ourselves from others trying to pollute our air, water and land. Polluting corporations should not be allowed to hide behind government regulations and laws that prevent them from being sued by ordinary citizens. We shouldn’t need class action suits to fight pollution. Each citizen should have the right to individually sue for violation of their property rights.

For example, suppose a paper mill upstream from your community tries to release cyanide into a stream that passes through your property and the property of your neighbors. Imagine the legal expense the paper mill would face if they were hit with 400 individual lawsuits for polluting your section of water. The paper mill would either have to stop their pollution, move to a more appropriate area, or go bankrupt. The same holds true for smokestack corporations that pollute your air, and strip mines that leach chemicals onto your property and crops.

So, use the power of inviolable property rights and your vote to secure the amount of clean air and thus, clean oxygen you have available to you.

Change Your Diet for Free Oxygen

A free way to get more oxygen in your body is to change your diet from low oxygen content processed foods too high oxygen content fresh foods such as vegetables and grains. These foods contain much more oxygen than processed foods and aid in the metabolite process.

I know, it’s hard in today’s society to stay away from processed foods but consider this: Processed foods are high in fat and cholesterol, low in fiber, and high in sugar.

Foods that are full of cholesterol and fat are notorious for robbing oxygen from the bloodstream in order to be metabolized. Consider the fact that 45% of the American diet is fat and you can see how hard the body has to work to metabolize this food choice. Animal and dairy products contain high concentrations of cholesterol, all of which uses oxygen to be metabolized.

It’s a known medical fact that cells become cancerous when they lose their ability to utilize oxygen. When cells shift from a aerobic metabolism (with oxygen) to an anaerobic metabolism (no oxygen), this is called the metabolite ‘shift’ which leaves the cells vulnerable.

Pollution and toxins rob oxygen from the body, and this causes the body’s oxygen levels to decline. When the body becomes too deprived of oxygen, only the most vital body processes receive this limited supply of oxygen. This condition is called hypoxemia. Prolonged loss of oxygen can cause tissue damage and even cell death.

To sum up, change your diet choices to whole natural foods containing oxygen and this will help in the metabolic process and keep your cells healthy.

Breathe Deeply

Conditions that prevent full lung ventilation can prevent the body from reaching optimal blood oxygen saturation. Some of these conditions include neurological diseases, the effect of narcotics, muscle skeletal disorders, obstructions, scar tissue damage or fumes and gases, which damage the alveoli in the lungs. If any of these conditions are under your control, changing them will help you to take in more oxygen you breathe.

You can also learn how to breathe deeply. Try breathing with your lungs and using your stomach to support breathing with slow deep breaths.

Try opening your windows. Most homes are so tightly closed, the fresh air can’t get in. You can also add a filter to your heating system to collect pollutants and clean the air that you breathe.

Make sure you keep plants in your home. They will help clean the air of carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Do more aerobic exercises where your repeatedly move large muscle groups. Try walking and bicycling. When you’re aerobically fit, your body becomes more efficient at using oxygen.

So in conclusion, you can try to incorporate these free ways of increasing oxygen in your body by changing your lifestyle and the choices you make every day. You can also consider supplementing your diet with a bio-available liquid oxygen, such as OxygenSuperCharger, which will help support an efficient metabolism and overall better health.

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