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Why You Need More Oxygen

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Do you need more oxygen in your body?

Chances are you don’t know, but here’s some food for thought to help you know if you might not be getting enough oxygen:

Antioxidants Block Exercise Recovery — Part 1 | PaleoPharm


ORAC values are more of a marketing tool than they are a valid measure of how well a food, beverage, or supplement will quench reactive oxygen or nitrogen species once inside your body. In my book,. ORAC = MARKETING

11 Uses for Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen « inspiredliving_carol


ASO® is one way to help support your body’s need for oxygen. ASO® is the premier pH balanced, non-toxic and completely stable bio-available activated oxygen dietary supplement. It has been the choice of professional

Decreased air quality and oxygen content in cities and industrial arees.

Decreased air quality and oxygen content in cities and industrial arees.

supplementing with iron can cause more problems for you. Haemochromatosis is an inherited disorder Iron absorption happens mostly in the duodenum, just after food leaves your stomach, so the environment is still somewhat acidic. Like many nutrients, the right pH is needed

Wendy Armstrong / Motivation Fitness: Ultimate Reset – Day 1


You take supplements to optimize your blood and digestive systems, including oxygen supplements and a supplement to balance the pH levels in your blood to a slightly alkaline state (which, apparently, is ideal). You don’t

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