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Stabilized Oxygen and Sodium Chlorite Explained

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Not all, so called, stabilized oxygen products are created equally.   There are those we like to call the “old technology” products… as opposed to OxygenSuperCharger, a “new technology” stabilized oxygen product.  Today I’d like to focus on one type of old technology stabilized oxygen product:  those that use sodium chlorite.

Let’s start with what Wikipedia has to say about sodium chlorite:

The main application of sodium chlorite is the generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper. It is also used for disinfection of a few municipal water treatment plants after conversion to chlorine dioxide.[1]:2


Sodium chlorite, like many oxidizing agents, should be protected from inadvertent contamination by organic materials to avoid the formation of an explosive mixture. The chemical explodes on percussive impact,[10] and will ignite if combined with a strong antioxidant (reducing agent).


In the United States sodium chlorite is available in industrial quantities from DuPont.[16]

Wow.  That doesn’t seem like a substance that would be good to take inside your body.

In this document from the EPA, they look at the use of sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide as antimicrobial pesticide agents: http://www.epa.gov/oppsrrd1/reregistration/chlorine_dioxide/  That’s right… as a substance used as a pesticide!  They also report a case of poisoning resulting in death: Acute sodium chlorite poisoning associated with renal failure.

So, why would some old technology stabilized oxygen products use such a chemical?  The website Essense-of-Life.com explains like this:


Bio-available oxygen is oxygen in molecular form. It is used as a non-toxic water purifier. The main constituent of stabilized oxygen is sodium chlorite, which breaks down into chlorine dioxide when it comes in contact with an acid that triggers the reaction. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing biocide which is effective against bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Then go on to say the following, in part, about one of these old technology products:

Vitamin “O”: The Stabilised Oxygen Story …Bio-available oxygen works simply releasing chlorite ions, trace amounts of sodium and chlorine dioxide, plus substantial amounts of molecular oxygen. The reaction is triggered when the stabilized oxygen comes into contact with the strong acids found in the stomach and becomes highly unstable, breaking down immediately…

The products called “stabilized oxygen” are then a misnomer in that they do not actually contain any oxygen but rely on the chemical process caused when swallowed into the stomach and mixed with stomach acids.

OxygenSuperCharger uses NO sodium chlorite!

OxygenSuperCharger’s proprietary process.

Our new technology uses only water and sea salt and a proprietary process that cost a million dollars to develop.  Using an electrical process we split oxygen atoms from pure water and then stabilize them in water to minerals left from the sea salt.  There is nothing in OxygenSuperCharger except water, minerals and 35% activated stabilized oxygen.  And offered here at the best price available on the web!


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