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Stabilized Oxygen Blood Cell Analysis

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Stabilized Oxygen Blood Cell Analysis of Dr LaMar’s Stabilized Oxygen

Here is a look at cells and before and after the use of stabilized oxygen.

Please note that this is not OxygenSuperCharger but another stabilized oxygen product.  To see the research on OxygenSuperCharger please see:  OxygenSuperCharger_studies.pdf


blood-cell-analysis1Slide 1 shows the state of unhealthy blood in which the red corpuscles are sticking together.
blood-cell-analysis2 Slide 2 shows the blood in its ideal state in which the red blood cells are clearly defined, fully oxygenated and able to flow efficiently around the body.
more unhealthy blood cellsSlide 3 is taken after the person has eaten a piece of chocolate. Notice how the blood cells have once again stuck together.
more healthy blood cellsSlide 4, once again after taking Dr LaMar’s Stabilized Oxygen, the red blood cells have separated.

Your body’s chemistry is dominated by oxygen.  In essence, all your body is is a composit of chemicals of which oxygen, being 59% of those chemicals, being the most important. ”

Your lungs feed oxygen to the blood. Iron and hemoglobin in the blood transport the oxygen to the cells.  In the cells the oxygen creates energy by combining with sugar molecules.   Getting enough oxygen means you will have plenty of  heat combustion which is necessary to release nutrients in food you eat and then to move those healthy nutrition into the tissues.

Oxygen is also a natural antibiotic… really!   Oxygen dissolves plaque, stones and cholesterol in the arteries, joints, capillaries.   Oxygen works against anaerobic bacteria, boosts cell immunity, helps against carbon monoxide poisoning, and intestinal blockage.

Many of the physical problems we have today are in direct relationship to lack of oxygen.

Our modern life is full of things and situations that rob your body of oxygen.  For instance,

  • sugar robs cells of oxygen,
  • shallow breathing limits how much oxygen your lungs transport,
  • the destruction of our forests and ocean planktin decreased environmental oxygen,
  • our sedintary life-styles with their lack of exercise
  • and the old culprit stress.

Then there are the lifestyle choices of smoking and overeating, both of which will cause severe oxygen deficiencies. Not only is more oxygen required by the oxygen reduction system to complete the digestive process, but because of the excess of toxic metabolic waste products the body has to deal with.

Have You Ever Wondered What the Essence of Life is? The answer is oxygen. Your body is composed of 59% oxygen. The average person consumes 6 to 8 lbs. of oxygen, 4 lbs. of food and 2 lbs. of water per day. “Twice as much oxygen is needed as food or water”. Oxygen is your most prevalent nutrient, yet it is the most overlooked and neglected.  ~

“The Easiest Way to Better Health” By: Dr. LaMar Diltz N.D., M.T.


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