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Shipito International Shipping

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We are proud to announce our partnership with
Shipito International Shipping:

Shipito International Shipping & Forwarding Service
Shipito is an international forwarding service for merchandise purchased within the United States. As we only ship directly to Australia and Canada, we needed an international shipping solution. Shipito is a perfect choice!

And when you use Shipito we pay for your insurance! When you use the coupon code (see below) you are agreeing to purchase  Shipito shipping insurance which costs either $3.00 or $5.00 US depending on how many photos they take of your package. We give you a $3.00 instant rebate when you are checking out to help cover the cost of this shipping insurance. (See Terms)


  1. Go to Shipito and create an account.
  2. Select one of the available United States shipping addresses they offer you. This is the physical address in the United States where we will ship your product.
  3. Go to our shop and select your products.
  4. Using the following coupon code will give you a $3.00 rebate to cover the cost of Shipito shipping insurance:

    Coupon:  Shipito_Insurance_Rebate

  5. BILLING ADDRESS: This is your real billing address in your country.
  6. SHIPPING ADDRESS: This is your Shipito address
  7. IMPORTANT TERMS: By using Shipito to send our product outside the United States or/and accepting the $3.00 rebate, you are agreeing to use Shipito for any and all insurance claims for damaged or non-received packages.

  8. When your package arrives at your Shipito address they will notify you by email. Just follow their instructions from there. Note: you will need to honestly fill out their customs form and pay for the cost of their service.

Please let us know if you have any questions.