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The Role of Oxygen and Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) effects middle-aged women nine times more often than men.  Symptoms of associated with FMS are body aches and pain, stiffness, chronic fatigue,mitral valve prolapse, reproducible tenderness on specific points of the body, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches and painful menstruation.

The causes are still not well understood however it is believed that one of the main causes is the breakdown of muscle proteins due to a deficiency of oxygen (chronic hypoxia).

Hypoxia is a major factor leading to the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Oxygen is required to make energy or ATP. An important link missing in the successful treatment of fibromyalgia is oxygen.  Reference: journal-advocate.com

A study on “Muscle Blood Flow, Oxygenation, and Metabolism in Women With Fibromyalgia” showed that the muscle tissue oxygen consumption rate during exercise in subjects with FMS was significantly lower than in healthy controls, and their oxygenation recovery were significantly longer (by 50%) following fatiguing exercise and cuff occlusion.  Which suggests that the muscles of people with fibromyalgia syndromes work differently in regards to oxygen.

Treatment: Oxygen and Fibromyalgia

One relatively new form of treatment for fibromyalgia is the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  Several studies in this area seem to show HBOT to have had a positive effect on the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as muscle pain and tenderness.

A study performed by medical researchers at a Turkish military hospital revealed astonishing results when it comes to using HBOT on fibromyalgia patients. This double blind, placebo-controlled study exposed fibromyalgia patients to 15, 90-minute hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments… The results of the study showed that the fibromyalgia patients receiving HBOT reported a decreased number of tender points and an increased pain threshold. In fact, after 15 sessions, the patients recorded half the number of original tender points and twice their original pain threshold. Those patients who received placebo HBOT recorded no improvements.  Reference: fibromyalgia-symptoms.org

One Mans Experience with Oxygen and Fibromyalgia

The gentleman in the below video tells of his anecdotal experience with HBOT and it’s effects on his FMS.  He reports the lessening of some of his symptoms but not all.

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