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Raw Food Oxygen Connection

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People who suffer from an oxygen deficiency can help correct it by switching to a healthier diet based on raw whole foods.

Oxygen is good for you because it helps digestion and boosts your metabolism, therefore eating raw food will help you become healthier.

We take our daily oxygen needs through breathing mostly, but also through what we eat. The saying that you are what you eat is absolutely true. By choosing those foods that are high in oxygen, we help our body process them and extract the nutrients that support life. The more your diet includes raw food, the better it is, as your oxygen intake increases, the digestion is more efficient and you simply feel healthier.

Raw Food Oxygen For Life

There’s an article published on Breathing.com, which explains how a diet rich in raw food oxygen should look like and what makes it so good for our overall health and well-being. They emphasize on the importance of eating plenty of fruit, seeds, nuts and vegetables. Sprouted seeds are also very good for you, thanks to their water content. As you probably know, water is a combination between hydrogen and oxygen. This means that by ingesting water, we increase the amount of oxygen in our body. Vegetables are also very good because they contain chlorophyll, which is very similar in its chemical composition with human blood. Enzymes that are present in raw food have the power to transform chlorophyll into blood, thus making it transport oxygen instead of CO2 as it did for the plant.

Foods should be eaten raw, if you want to benefit from this oxygen intake. Heat will deplete the foods from their oxygen and enzymes, therefore the process described above doesn’t take place anymore. Vitamins and minerals are also destroyed in the cooking process, so you won’t benefit from them anymore. When you eat cooked food, you mainly eat empty calories. Nobody says you should move to the extreme and eat only raw food. However, you should be careful to add side dishes such as raw salads to your cooked meals and to replace sweet snacks with fruit and vegetables. You should also know that many persons who became raw vegans confessed they started to feel more energetic almost immediately after they made the switch in their diet and lifestyle.

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Leafy greens are among the best, because they are rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll. If you want to enjoy high levels of raw food oxygen into your body, eat plenty of kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and spirulina. If you aren’t a big fan of them, don’t give up: turn them into juice and add some carrots and ginger to improve the taste.

If you are rather the red meat, cooked meals and sweet desserts kind of person, you should know that your body actually uses its oxygen reserves to digest such foods.

If you are sure you don’t want to make the switch to a healthy, raw food-based diet, at least make sure you take an oxygen supplement like OxygenSuperCharger.

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