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Ozone Therapy

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Have you heard about ozone therapy?  The term sounds like an oxymoron because how could a gas associated with air pollution and respiratory disease be a health benefit?

Ozone Therapy Benefits

The rational behind ozone therapy benefits goes something like this:

…we use an Octazone (O8) generator. Octazone devolves quickly into ozone (O3) and then to plain O.  ~ Kay Aubrey-Chimene

A summary of a recent symposium on ozone therapy at Elixir Health Centre gave the following positive reviews of the treatment:

Ozone is inhibitor of viruses and killer for the bacteria, fungi, parasites and tum our cells. It also activates the Immune system, increases the efficiency and vitality of the cells and organs of the body. Moreover It increases the oxygen rates pumped to the cells…  Ozone decreases the body pains, calms the nerves and helps in secreting many important enzymes to the body cells.

Ozone therapy is starting to sound pretty attractive, isn’t it?  Well… not so fast.  Let’s go back and look the real benefit of ozone therapy.  It is that fact that it will eventually breakdown into oxygen.  And oxygen as we know is the most important element for life on Earth.  When our body has enough oxygen our immune system fights disease and invaders like bacteria and viruses.  Oxygen is necessary for digestion, metabolism and the elimination of waste and toxins.  Oxygen improves muscle strength, endurance and recovery times.

Simply put, good oxygen levels are good for us.  However, ozone does not enjoy the same positive reputation because there are nasty side effects associated with its use.

Health Hazards of OzoneTherapy

An article titled, Health Effects of Ozone by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety lists a number of contraindicated uses of ozone therapy.   This article begins as follows:

What are the main health hazards associated with breathing in ozone?

Even very low concentrations of ozone can be harmful to the upper respiratory tract and the lungs. The severity of injury depends on both by the concentration of ozone and the duration of exposure. Severe and permanent lung injury or death could result from even a very short-term exposure to relatively low concentrations.

Some of the adverse symptoms associated with ozone exposure are: headache, irritation of the nose and throat, chest constriction and lung congestion.  And people living in areas with high ozone levels experience decrease in lung function and cause structural changes to the lungs.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has made a report specifically about ozone generators: Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners

Often the vendors of ozone generators make statements and distribute material that lead the public to believe that these devices are always safe and effective in controlling indoor air pollution. For almost a century, health professionals have refuted these claims (Sawyer, et. al 1913; Salls, 1927; Boeniger, 1995; American Lung Association, 1997; Al-Ahmady, 1997)…

Some vendors suggest that these devices have been approved by the federal government for use in occupied spaces. To the contrary, NO agency of the federal government has approved these devices for use in occupied spaces. Because of these claims, and because ozone can cause health problems at high concentrations, several federal government agencies have worked in consultation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to produce this public information document.

This report concludes that ozone generators are not an effective way to decrease indoor air pollution and that the ozone generated can have adverse and harmful physical effects.

The Alternative to Ozone Therapy

If increasing oxygen is the proposed positive end result of using ozone therapy… why not just use oxygen to begin with and not risk the health risks associated with ozone?

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 Other References on the pros and cons of ozone therapy:


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