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Oxygen, Water for Weight Loss

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Oxygen, Water: uncommon ways to lose weight.

Today we will explore two articles that suggest uncommon ways to lose weight.

#1 You should drink cold water to lose weight

Drink Water

Collegesportsscholarships.com recommends you drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water daily. If you are medically termed overweight, consume an additional glass for every 25 lbs. of extra weight. Drinking the recommended quantity of water should curb your appetite and trigger fat burn. The liver burns fat and ultimately turns it into fuel for your body. When devoid of water, your kidneys don’t function properly. To compensate for your kidneys struggles, the liver is forced to complement those organs rather than frying excess flab.

Why Cold Water

Nowloss.com reports drinking ice cold water may spark weight loss because the stomach absorbs it rapidly and your body is required to burn calories to warm the chilly liquid just swallowed. Losing one pound a week by strictly drinking ice cold water is reportedly possible. Lifehack.org notes the average temperature of ice water is roughly zero degrees Celsius, while your body is usually heated at 37 degrees Celsius. Research has shown it takes one calorie to heat 1 g of water that is 1 degree Celsius. Therefore, if you manage to consume the advised 64 oz. of cold water daily, expect to burn 70,030 calories in 24 hours.


#2 Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Can Breathing Exercises Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Ever since the people started practicing yoga over 5,000 years ago, humans have been very conscious of breathing and understood how powerful good breathing techniques can be for quieting the mind, producing a relaxation response in the body, improving physical performance and endurance, and even improving sexual experiences!

Yet today, very few people actually pay attention to their breath outside of a yoga class. Even though hundreds of studies have shown that shallow, constricted breathing can produce excess stress in the body, weaken the immune system, and signal your body to store extra fat. Whereas, deeper breathing can actually relax your body, get rid of stress, help your immune system function much better and signal your body to increase its metabolism and burn more fat faster.

Yoga teachers have known for years that students who practice yoga regularly and especially the deep breathing techniques tend to lose fat and become very slim. I mean, have you ever seen a yoga teacher? I’ve never once seen a yoga teacher with excess body fat! And I’ve taken hundreds of different yoga classes.

How Does Deep Breathing Help You Lose Fat?

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When you do deep breathing exercises such as yoga on an empty stomach, your muscle tissues and liver can become depleted of glycogen. Because your muscles must have fuel to continue operating, your pancreas will begin to secrete glucagon which also signals your fat cells to let go of excess fat as your body begins to use it for fuel. So when you regularly go through deep breathing exercises, especially when physical activity like yoga is involved, your body will naturally begin to release excess fat and metabolize it.

Yoga teachers have also known for thousands of years that deep breathing helps improve digestion and aids the body in removing excess waste products from the digestive system. This is one of the key problems with overweight people is that they have poor digestion and their bodies hold on to excess toxins and waste products as well as water. Simply by helping improve digestion and eliminate these waste products, you can begin to release excess weight.

Another important aspect of deep breathing exercises and weight loss has to do with the relaxation response. When you’re body is stressed, your brain tells your adrenal glands to secrete cortisol, the hormone that signals the fight or flight response. We know that when your body releases cortisol, it also releases excess insulin which makes your body want to store extra fat and makes you crave more sweet foods like carbohydrates. Simply by doing deep breathing, you can relax your body, get rid of the stress, and eliminate this vicious cortisol-insulin stress cycle that stimulates excess fat retention.

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