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Oxygen Water: Confusion Clarified

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Oxygen water“: What are the criticisms of it and what is all the confusion about?

When doing internet research about bio-available liquid oxygen you will often times come across forum posts which discredit the very idea of “oxygen water” on two main points.  One has to do with the molecular makeup of water, and the other has to do with physical properties and forms oxygen molecules can take.

The most used argument goes like this…  because water is primarily hydrogen and oxygen molecules bonded together, therefore there is already oxygen in water.  Thus, what is being marketed as “oxygen water” is tantamount to snake oil.  Here is a specific example of this type of reasoning made by Jasper2009 on FlyerTalk.com forum who wrote:

No offense, but are there any idiots who buy this kind of crap? Seriously? Liquid oxygen drops? Why not also sell some homeopathic crap, too?

Or this post by Ztras on the same forum who uses scientific facts to mock oxygen water products:

I’ll guarantee that the oxygen content of the water I sell is 88% by weight!


The referenced article states the following about the amount of oxygen in water:

Q: What is the percentage mass of oxygen of h20?

A: Relative molecular mass of oxygen atom = 16
Relative molecular mass of hydrogen atom = 1.01
Mass of H2O = (2 X 1.01) + 16 = 18.02

Percentage mass of oxygen = 16/18.02
= 88.8% (to 3 significant figures)

These do look like valid assertions when taken at face-value.  What they do not understand is how a product like OxygenSuperCharger aka oxygen water is made.

Another complaint about even the idea of oxygen water is from confusing activated stabilized liquid oxygen with pure oxygen in it’s liquid state.  Here is an example of a typical condemnation made by ex-egll again on FlyerTalk.com forum:

Considering oxygen doesn’t liquefy until -183C I wouldn’t like to put a drop of that stuff under my tongue

OxygenSuperCharger proprietary process for oxygen water

Diagram showing OxygenSuperCharger’s proprietary process for the making of “oxygen water”.

The above criticism simply does not understand the manufacturing process of the new technology products like OxygenSuperCharger that uses a  to break the bonds of the hydrogen away from the oxygen molecule in water then bind the oxygen to minerals within the water.  Here is an overview of this process:

To briefly explain, the process involves the disassociation of oxygen molecules from water molecules in an electrolytic bath containing a mixture of purified water and sodium chloride (sea salt). A regulated current is then applied to two proprietary composite metal electrodes. This releases the hydrogen gas and the oxygen molecules are stabilized in the electrolyte solution. At the end of the process, large carbon filters are used to remove most of the sea salt. The minerals and trace minerals that remain are those from the sea salt. What makes OxygenSuperCharger unique is that neither chlorine dioxide nor peroxide molecules are formed, keeping the pH of the final solution in a safe range and compatible with the human body. Yet, sufficient oxygen remains in solution for an extended period of time to retain its bio-available and biocidal properties.

It is because the end result of this process binds the extra oxygen molecules within the water that we can accurately advertise OxygenSuperCharger as 35% Ultra-Strength Bio-available Liquid Oxygen.

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