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Oxygen Supplement Uses

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Oxygen supplement uses are wide and varied.  The following are some of the reported uses of liquid oxygen, also known as oxygen water and stabilized oxygen


  1. Skin Care Formulations – Oxygen, as an additional ingredient in skin care formulations, provides biochemical properties, which clearly transcends traditional hyperbaric oxygen usage. There appears to be a direct correlation between using oxygen solutions as an additive to skin care formulations and greater blood flow to tissues that may permit a greater distribution of nutrients.
  2. Acidic Body Chemistry – An acidic condition, caused by the accumulation of acidic byproducts, occurs in poorly oxygenated cells. Soft drinks, caffeine, alcohol and red meats are among the substances that cause systemic (whole body) acidity where there is an excess of positively charges hydrogen ions (H+). When excessive numbers of hydrogen ions are in the tissue environment they will combine with (and thus utilize) oxygen, resulting in an oxygen deficiency state. When cells are deprived of oxygen, lactic acid accumulates and the cellular environment becomes acidic. This reduces available oxygen for the primary function of metabolism because more oxygen is needed to neutralize the acid. The regular and daily use of stabilized oxygen may provide the cells with an abundant supply of oxygen to help neutralize the lactic acid and support healthy cell metabolism.
  3. Water Treatment – For campers, hikers or those who store water for emergencies, approximately 15-20 drops of stabilized oxygen per gallon of water have been reported to inhibit the growth of disease bacteria. This works great for your pet’s water bowls, too.
  4. You can mix 25 drops of OxygenSuperCharger with Manuka honey or aloe vera and use topically or orally.
  5. Bio-available oxygen is believed to be an excellent cleaning and purifying wash for fruits, vegetables and meats.
  6. A 50% stabilized oxygen and 50% water solution, in a spray bottle, can reduce and in most cases eliminate flower and plant diseases like powdery mildew, black spot and rust.
  7. Add to water for house plants and cut flowers. Use 15 drops of stabilized oxygen in a vase of fresh cut flowers to keep the water fresher, enhance flower appearance and life (up to 50% longer) and encourage flower opening.
  8. Use topically on burns and simple cuts.
  9. Place a few drops on toothbrush before adding tooth soap to help eliminate plaque build up.
  10. Place drops in humidifiers.
  11. Add to aquarium water to reduce algae build-up.


  1. Breath Easy at High Altitude – It helps you breathe easier when you are in high-altitude places.When you travel to a foreign country where the altitude is higher than what you are used to, don’t you usually find yourself out of breath a lot more quickly? By getting more oxygen into your lungs, you can actually fight off the ill effects of high altitude to your body – which is why oxygen is also used as a cure for air sickness.
  2. Fitness & Training It helps with sports and fitness training. People who are overweight when they first start a weight loss program would find that they tire too easily during their workout sessions. If you will use an oxygen supplement before or during your workout sessions, you can actually stave off the tiredness and be able to workout harder and longer. This is because the oxygen supplied to your lungs and heart allows your body to perform at an optimal level.
  3. More Sports Oxygen BenefitsOxygen also helps cure fatigue, hangovers, stress and headaches. It helps increase mental clarity and focus, and it can even serve as coffee and energy drink replacement! These and more are the reasons why oxygen supplements which take the form of oxygen-in-a-can are becoming more and more popular.


  1. Metabolic Function

    • Oxygen is stored in blood plasma for metabolic processes. About 70 percent of oxygen that is initially absorbed through the lungs ends up circulating in the plasma, where it provides a continuous distribution of oxygen, much like a reserve. However, during times of stress, such as aerobic activity, the reserve can be depleted by as much as 25 percent. Oxygen supplementation helps to replenish the oxygen reserve within the plasma, where it can be delivered to cells for purposes of increasing energy, stamina, healing, aging and many other functions related to metabolism.
  2. Pain Management

    • Oxygen, or the lack thereof, is an underlying cause of pain-related symptoms. This is because inflammatory or immune responses cause water and sodium-potassium imbalances, which can deviate cells from homeostasis, reducing their abilities to produce energy. When cells are unable to produce the energy the body needs because of an excess of water and sodium potassium between cells, oxygen is extracted from the bloodstream. Paradoxically, this reduces the amount of oxygen that cells receive from the bloodstream. Ultimately, a prolonged state of this type of imbalance can lead to pain, sickness, disease and even death. By improving the available supply of oxygen within the body and plasma specifically, related pain and sickness can be dramatically reduced.
  3. Immunity

    • Oxygen supplementation can optimize the concentration of oxygen we are able to extract from diet and digestion. Complex carbohydrates, including vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, are oxygen-abundant foods that are essential for converting potential energy into chemical energy for life. This being said, a lack of oxygen is a major variable in immuno-depressive illnesses. By increasing the amount of oxygen from nutrition, individuals can invigorate their immunity to specific illnesses and improve overall well-being.


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