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Oxygen: The Super Vitamin of Enriched Oxygen

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Marc Miller from HUMAN, “Oxygen is like a super vitamin, people are amazed to discover the health benefits attributed to enriched oxygen.

The average amount of oxygen in the blood is 96%, but when these levels fall we can experience Hypoxia, which symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, acid stomach. irritability, depression, muscle aches, memory loss and overall body weakness.

Enriched oxygen is known to assist in neutralizing hangovers, reducing fatigue, improving skin, decreasing depression and lessening stress. It improves circulation and oxygenates the blood, fights infection and free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

O4 oxozone (polyatomic tetraoxygen)

O4 Oxozone (Polyatomic Tetraoxygen)

Mike Newcomb, from HUMAN, “But oxygen is like a super-supplement that people should be taking as part of their daily routine. Since the industrial revolution, the oxygen in our environment has dropped from 32% to around 20% in our major cities. Enriched oxygen helps fill that gap.”

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is natural oxygen and therefore cannot harm the body in any way. The downside of Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is zero–nothing–no side effects at all! How is Liquid Stabilized Oxygen created?

The Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is processed by a secret, proprietary method.  The method uses distilled water and a very tiny amount of food grade sea salt, which is heated with an electrical current in order to create dissolved oxygen, along with other species of oxygen, all of which are bio-available. An almost insignificant amount of molecular sodium chloride (otherwise known as “sea salt”) remains in the final solution, less than 40 parts per million, per dose.

Super Activated Oxygen is one of three known structural forms of oxygen. The first form is ordinary oxygen with contains 2 atoms per molecule (O2). The second form is ozone which contains 3 atoms per molecule (O3). The third form is Super Activated Oxygen which contains four atoms per molecule. (O4).

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October 24th, 2017

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