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Oxygen Stamina

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Oxygen Stamina. Oxygen’s role in stamina and endurance and strength is critical.

To see how, let’s look at how oxygen actually functions in your body.  Here is an except from the slide show “Oxygen’s Role in Athletic Stamina and Endurance” to better see the link between oxygen stamina:

You body stores its fuel, known as carbohydrates, in the form of glycogen, mostly in the liver & smaller amounts in the muscles.

When you put your muscles to work the glycogen is transformed into glucose then the glucose is burned by the body for the energy the muscles need.

Q: What does your body absolutely need to transform glycogen to glucose?


So, the more oxygen you have available for your cells to use, the faster the transformation of glycogen into glucose. And the faster the transformation, the more energy and stamina you’ll have.

If you could super-load your blood and cells with available oxygen, the engine of your body will be able to reach its maximum capacity!

Heat, fuel, oxygen….water! Like a burning building, your cells need fuel in the form of oxygen and glucose. And oxygen stamina.

Heat, fuel, oxygen… water! Like a burning building, your cells need fuel in the form of oxygen and glucose. And oxygen stamina.

Put another way, in this article on Exhaustion, in World of Sports Science by Dr-Fo, a closer look is given to blood oxygen stamina in relation to adenosine triphosphate (ATP):

When the body requires energy for activities lasting longer than approximately 90 seconds, it will fuel itself through the production of the energy source adenosine triphosphate (ATP), using available stores of glucose. ATP is produced as the culmination of a process whereby the bodily carbohydrate stores, glycogen, are converted to glucose and transported through the red blood cells of the bloodstream to the muscles where the ATP conversion occurs. The red blood cells also transport the oxygen required to metabolize, or burn, this fuel; the blood also removes the waste products and carbon dioxide produced in this process.

The simplest and most common form of physical fatigue is when the body simply runs out of the primary sources of carbohydrate required to manufacture energy in the form of ATP. When the body determines that it has no more glycogen available to it (the liver regulates the level of these sugars present in the bloodstream), it will revert to the consumption of stored fats to convert into energy sources. Fats are a comparatively lesser, more inefficient fuel for energy production. As with any machine, when the fuel sources are spent, the body cannot continue to perform. An inability to produce energy does not only affect the muscles and other working components of the body, but also the functioning of the brain and the central nervous system; a depletion of physical energy stores will cause significant reductions in concentration and mental function.

Oxygen for stamina at any age.

Oxygen for stamina at any age.

Whenever you improve the oxygen available to the cells you are improving both oxygen stamina.  A product like OxygenSuperCharger is an excellent supplement to improve the available blood oxygen needed for both stamina and endurance during sports or just every day activities.  OxygenSuperCharger is ASO, Bio-available Liquid Oxygen, in a safe pH neutral liquid form.  So to improve oxygen stamina consider a premium product like OxygenSuperCharger.

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