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Flood Your Body with Oxygen because “Disease Can’t Live in Oxygen

The cause of all disease are toxins in the body…  As these toxins make it through the food chain they get into the ground water and make it into our bodies.  The cause of all disease is toxicity and all the bacteria, viruses, fungues and pathogens that cause disease are anaerobic.  Anaerobes can not live in active forms of oxygen.

An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism that does not require oxygen for growth. It could possibly react negatively and may even die if oxygen is present.

an·aer·o·bic [an-uh-roh-bik, an-ai-]
1. (of an organism or tissue) living in the absence of air or free oxygen.
2. pertaining to or caused by the absence of oxygen.

Source: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/anaerobic

OxygenSuperCharger is ACTIVATED stabilized oxygen in a liquid saline base.


“Changing my life and lifestyle! Articulating God’s natural healing oxygen, ozone, peroxide, etc. into terms our family can understand.” — Brian G., May, 2003

“Only book I’ll teach with! Without a doubt, Ed’s the one person the ANA and I wholeheartedly support.” — Dr. G. Freibott, President, American Naturopathic Association, June 18, 2003

Major update! A MUST HAVE for you, your family, pets, and plants. Highly recommended! — Nexus Magazine, June/July, 2003, Ruth Parnell, Reviewer

The following is summarized from Dr. Ed McCabe© Website:

Part 1 Problems: Everybody gets sick eventually. Here’s why. In the process of creating all these conveniences and marketplace choices, we have made a lot of bad choices and let our daily air and water become polluted, and this pollution has increasingly been collecting inside us. Also, our mass-produced processed foods are grown on mega-farm soils that are de-mineralized and also lacking natural oxygen. These two major conditions are chronically hampering our ability to get and absorb enough fresh oxygen inside us at the cellular level.

Part 2 Solutions: The international Oxygen Therapy doctors commonly surround anaerobic microbes, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells with active forms of oxygen they can’t live in. This first oxidizes the offending toxins and microbes and cells, and then flushes them out.

Part 3 Evidence: Flood Your Body With Oxygen lists piles of historical and modern studies proving active oxygen’s effectiveness, showing its 50-year prolific use internationally, and revealing the top quality documentation proving its safety.

Summary: The best place to find out how anaerobes cause all the anaerobic diseases! Ed McCabe©, Mr. Oxygen®, is an international natural detoxification expert. He has taught natural healing and natural healing information for 22+ years while strongly advocating the best  natural healing options – Nature’s powerful active oxygen and plant minerals. He teaches the most advanced natural therapy modalities incorporating detoxification and  natural healing simply by focusing us on the best oxygen healing information available.

OxygenSuperCharger is the world-premiere bio-available liquid oxygen, oxygen supplement on the market today. It is 35% ultra-strength stabilized oxygen in a saline base and boasts a 7.4 pH which is a practically neutral pH level!
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