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Oxygen Functions

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Incredibly, the element most prevalent in your body is oxygen!   Oxygen makes up 65% of the human body and is responsible for 90% of the body’s energy which can only be created through the use of oxygen.  It is a simple scientific fact that your body can not operate to peak performance without adequate levels of oxygen in your blood.

Along with food, oxygen is primary nutrition that is needed to grow, repair and maintain all your body cells and tissues.  How does this occur?  Your body uses any oxygen present to convert nutrients into both heat and energy.  The more energy and warmth your body needs then the more oxygen it will consume.

Oxygen and How Your Body Functions

At this very moment there are literally hundreds of thousands of reactions currently taking place in your body.  These reactions include the synthesizing of chemical compounds, the movement of molecules during the assimilation of nutrients within the digestive tract, and muscle contraction, as well as many many more.  It is because of these complexity of these reactions that your body functions well.   From your immune system in its fight against viruses and infections to your heart’s able to pump blood, and your nervous system’s and brain abilities to process and transmit information.

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And, oxygen is essential in detoxifying your cells. Oxygen’s (negative electrical charge) attaches itself to the Toxins in the cells and neutralizes their positive charge. Cell impurities become less magnetic and therefore less toxic and easier for the body to remove. With sufficient oxygen the cell’s DNA can expel what doesn’t belong there. This is the body healing itself!


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