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Oxygen Deficiency: New American Epidemic

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There are many reasons to consider an oxygen supplement like OxygenSuperCharger.   One is when you have concerns about the amount of oxygen in which you may be deficient.  Oxygen deficiency is being recognized as a chronic and epidemic problem in America and around the world.  Decreased air quality and oxygen content in cities and industrial arees.For instance, in a report by the American Lung Assoication they stat that Half of Americans still affected by dangerous pollution levels

Unhealthy air remains a threat to the lives and health of millions of people in the United States, despite great progress. Air pollution lingers as a widespread and dangerous reality even as some seek to weaken the Clean Air Act, the public health law that has driven the cuts in pollution since 1970. The State of the Air 2011 Report by the American Lung Association shows that air quality in many places in the US has improved but that over 154 million Americans, just over one half of the nation, still suffer pollution levels that are often dangerous to breathe.

Decreased air quality and oxygen content in cities and industrial arees.

Overall findings:
• Roughly half the people (50.3%) in the United States live in counties that have unhealthful levels of either ozone or particle pollution. Almost 154.5 million Americans live in the 366 counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of air pollution in the form of either ozone or short-term or year-round levels of particles.

This lowering of air quality has a direct impact on the amount of oxygen we have to breath.

Indoor Air Quality

Even small changes in the amount of availble oxygen has a “double jeapardy” effect.  Why?  Because when oxygen is reduced, it has to be replaced by other gases.  Here is an explanation of this from a building inspector who did a home oxygen test:

“It is my conviction that depleted oxygen in homes is one of the most serious indoor air quality issues today, yet it gets no press coverage”. ~



Dan Schilling

Building and IAQ Inspector

I discovered that the ambient oxygen level had been reduced from 20.9% down to a startling 19.3%.  This is 1.6% lower than the oxygen level found in outdoor air. 

This drop may not sound like much to most people, but keep in mind that in order for oxygen levels to go down, nitrogen, the other key ingredient in our air, also goes down at the same rate.  Being that there is an approximate 4 to 1 ratio of nitrogen to oxygen, if the oxygen drops by 1.6%, then the nitrogen would have to drop by 6.4%, leaving a total drop of 8% for both gasses.  The missing 8% must then be replaced with other gasses in the air.  In essence, it would take approximately 80,000 PPM of other unhealthy gasses to cause an oxygen level drop of just 1.6%.  This is double jeopardy: not only is something essential to healthy indoor air taken away, but something very bad replaces it.

We are supposed to breathe 20.9% oxygen in our air in order to be healthy…  In an average home environment the oxygen levels will commonly be between 0.5% and 1.0% lower than the outdoor air, even without having a gas range in the kitchen. 

The point here is that even small decreases in oxygen has the result of increasing the bad gases.  This in turn lowers the available oxygen to your cells because red blood cells, your oxygen transportation system, have a 10 times higher attraction to toxins like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.  They do this to try to get these toxins out of you through exhaling.  But when the red blood cells have toxins in them they have less room for oxygen.  And so, your oxygen level decreases even further.

Free Ways to Increase Your Oxygen Levels

You can help improve your air oxygen levels by some simple life-style changes like keeping live plants in your house, opening the doors and windows for at least 5 minutes a day.  Foods that are processed have lower oxygen so eat as many fresh foods as possible.  And if you can’t do this consistantly then considering a non-toxic, neutral pH oxygen supplement like OxygenSuperCharger may be in order.

Signs of Oxygen Deficietcy on the Brain


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