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Liquid oxygen called by other names

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There has been a lot of confusion about liquid oxygen supplements, in part, because of all the different names people use to describe it.  Here are just some of the most popular names you may hear…

The different names liquid oxygen supplements are called

Now can you see why it might get confusing with so many names are used for the same types of products?

On the other hand, even though they all are referring to a liquid supplement that increases oxygen levels within the body, there are differences.  For instance, “Vitamin O” is actually a brand name of a product and is not an actual vitamin.

OxygenSuperCharger is ASO, or Bio-available Liquid Oxygen, because unlike some other products the oxygen is really in the liquid and not created through a chemical process within the body.

What is more important than the name is HOW the liquid oxygen is manufactured, and WHAT is used in making an oxygen supplement.  What you want is a product made with pure water, no toxins and has no adverse side effects.  A product that can be used over an extended period of time.  And this is exactly why OxygenSuperCharger is the best liquid oxygen supplement you can buy.

Unlike some of the so-called “designer liquid oxygen” supplements, OxygenSuperCharger has no fancy additives.  For instance, some include formulas for women and men that have added substances that are to benefit each genders unique physiology.  Some other supplements use additives like aloe veram, lemon, lime, spirulina (seaweed), ionic minerals, green tea leaf, amino acids, ginseng root and cordyceps mushroom I’m not contesting that some of these additives have benefits.

The bottom line is that OxygenSuperCharger is pure and natural with no additives which could enhance, but then again, might just damage the actual amount of oxygen your body receives from oxygen supplementation.

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November 29th, 2017

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