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Liquid Oxygen Drops by any other name…

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OxygenSuperCharger is a activated stabilized liquid oxygen supplement or liquid oxygen drops.  There are lots of names that products like ours go by.  Here are just a few of them most common….

  • Liquid Oxygen Drops
  • Stabilized Oxygen Drops
  • Premium Concentrated Liquid Oxygen
  • Vitamin O
  • Liquid Oxygen Supplement, and
  • Oxygen Water

There are three main kinds of liquid oxygen supplements…  Hydrogen peroxide products, those we call the “old technology” and those we call the “new technology” like OxygenSuperCharger.

Liquid Oxygen Drops Overview

Hydrogen Peroxide

What can be confusing is that there are products with names like Liquid Oxygen that is a solution of hydrogen peroxide[1] and other compounds including sodium chloride (common salt)[2][3] that claims to help with “jet lag, fatigue, altitude sickness, headaches, hangovers, youthful skin, energy, and insomnia“.[2][4] Source” Wikipedia

The FDA itself has warned consumers they should not purchase hydrogen peroixide and/or use it internally.

“Old Technology” Stabilized Oxygen

The old technology stabilized oxygen products DO NOT contain any oxygen.  Instead, they use a chemical process within the body to create oxygen.  The chemicals needed to do this are caostic and can not be taken orally without first diluting it in water.

OxygenSuperCharger the New Technology Stabilized Oxygen DropsO4 oxozone (polyatomic tetraoxygen)

The Liquid Stabilized Oxygen product sold by OxygenSuperCharger.com is all-natural oxygen.  It is not created from a chemical process and is safe to use straight from the bottle and taken orally.  There is no downside to it’s use.  To understand this better, take a quick look at how OxygenSuperCharger’s Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is created.  Read more: What are Liquid Oxygen Drops

When shopping and reviewing the different products on the market, make sure you choose one that is safe and easy to use.

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