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Improve motivation for an oxygen boosting workout

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Improve motivation for an oxygen boosting workout

Over time the refreshing feeling of a hard workout can begin to wear off as you become used to a mundane exercise regime.  Motivation is improved with an oxygen boosting workout.

However, there are a number of ways you can keep yourself motivated to keep driving those oxygen levels for a stronger, leaner and more sculpted body.

Women’s Fitness outlined a number of ways to ensure your workout doesn’t grow stale, such as trying out a new class at the gym.

While spinning, step aerobics and Zumba are all popular choices, it might be time to look into unchartered territory to give your routine a revamp.

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The best shoes for an oxygen-pumping workout

Working hard to increase your oxygen levels is vital for a fit and healthy physique that could be the envy of all your friends.

But before you set out for a run on the track, road or hills, it is paramount you ensure you are treating your feet to the best footwear.

Ultramarathon runner Mike Buss offered some insight into the various designs you need to consider when embarking on a rigorous exercise regime.

He wrote on his blog; “Your weight, the surface you run on, and obviously the shape of your feet mean that one person’s ideal shoe can be terrible for another.”

The kind of shoe you choose will depend on whether you intend pounding tarmac roads or off-track hills and muddy routes.

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