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How Oxygen Works

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How oxygen works in our body is actually quite fascinating…  and essential!  In fact, every function in the body is oxygen-regulated.  In order to function properly oxygen needs to be replenished each moment, as practically 90% of your life is dependent on oxygen. It is part of oxygen’s role to energize the body’s cells so that they have the strength and resources to regenerate. Oxygen is also necessary to metabolize the food it takes in and to eliminate toxins and waste through the process of “oxidation”.

Every second, the brain needs oxygen in order to work on processing information.  In fact, every single organ of the human body needs a lot of oxygen to function both properly and efficiently. o2 oxygenHow important is oxygen to our health?  The energy needed to think, move, eat, feel, and all the other things that the body normally does, it all comes from and is a result of oxygen.

Just how essential is oxygen for the body to stay healthy? It has been concluded by numerous health experts that oxygen deficiency within the cells and body tissues is associated with a huge number of health-related problems and illnesses. Oxygen has a very important role to play as it acts as protection against bad bacteria as well as disease organisms, and it has been repeated over and over again by doctors and medical professionals that blood that is oxygen deficient is linked to metabolic disorders.

A very good overview of oxygen can be found in this aviation article.

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