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Is Hexagonal Water and Bio-available Liquid Oxygen the same?

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We received an email today wanting to know if our OxygenSuperCharger, an ultra-strength bio-available liquid oxygen supplement,  is the same as hexagonal water.  This is a good question.  I am not an expert on hexagonal water, I just did some research and presented it here in a hexagonal water blog post.

Our Hexagonal Water / OxygenSuperCharger Reply

Hi, I would like to understand this a bit better, so is this probably the same as double helix water.


I would be happy to tell you what I know about the differences between the “double helix water” and our OxygenSuperCharger which is activated stabilized oxygen.

I am not an expert on hexagonal water but I did some research and a blog post about it for educational purposes: https://oxygensupercharger.com/blog/hexagonal-water/  From what I know, it is the vortex created by the agitation of the water that is supposed to create 6 water molecules to combine forming a hexagon shape.  This is suppose to be what happens in nature in streams and rivers.  Oxygen is one part of water molecules.  I could not find any explanation about how long this hexagonal combination will last or any independent scientific research about these hexagonal molecules.

OxygenSuperCharger is “bio-available liquid oxygen“.

OxygenSuperCharger’s proprietary process.

Activated: This means there is actually oxygen in the water solution.  There are some “stabilized oxygen” products that do not have oxygen in them but rely on a caustic chemical process within the body to “create” oxygen.  You can usually tell these “old technology” products by the fact they will say their product must be diluted before using.

Stabilized: Because by the proprietary method that creates OxygenSuperCharger, the oxygen molecule in water is electrically unbonded from the hydrogen molecules then electrically rebonded to sea salt minerals in the water.  After this process occurs, the salt is removed leaving the minerals and the stabilized oxygen within the liquid.

Oxygen:  Well… it’s oxygen 😀

For more information about oxygen you can see these slideshows we’ver created:

I created this slide show that will explain more about the process that creates OxygenSuperCharger and how it differs from the old technology products: https://oxygensupercharger.com/activated-stabilized-oxygen-explained.html

OxygenSuperCharger is 35% bio-available liquid oxygen.  We could not advertise that if it were not true.

I hope this answers your questions.  Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

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May 18th, 2017

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