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An Explanation of Liquid Oxygen Drops and How They Work

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What are Liquid Oxygen Drops and What Benefits Do They Offer?

Bio-available liquid oxygen in various forms is also referred to as liquid oxygen drops. For the most part, these drops are consumed in order to elevate the levels of oxygen in a person’s bloodstream. This can be done in many ways and some methods are safer than others.

Dangerous Liquid Oxygen Drops?

There are a couple different kinds of liquid oxygen drops that can cause potentially dangerous side effects. They are hydrogen peroxide and stabilized oxygen that is created by old technology.

Hydrogen Peroxide Drops

Even the FDA has issued warnings about the dangers of using hydrogen peroxide for internal purposes. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is a very high-strength version that can be fatal or extremely dangerous when consumed. This product can lead to ulcers and other problems in the digestive system. Ingesting hydrogen peroxide can also cause the blood vessels to become inflamed or create bubbles that are called gas embolisms. It can also cause allergic reactions that can be deadly.

Stabilized Oxygen via Old Technology

Ironically, stabilized oxygen created by old technology doesn’t contain any oxygen. The chemicals in the product work to create a reaction in the body that creates oxygen once it has been consumed.

As described in a previous article, these types of products can have dangerous pH levels that are higher than 13. Some of them also contain a substance called chlorine dioxide. This chemical is commonly used in bleach and pesticide products and contains a very significant amount of salt. It is important to take a look at the label of your liquid oxygen drops. Any product that states that it must be diluted prior to use probably contains these dangerous chemicals.

Oxygen Products Become Popular

Over the past few years, an entire new industry has emerged in the alternative health niche that is focused on the various types of oxygen therapy. There are oxygen bars where clients pay approximately one dollar per minute just to breathe in oxygen-rich air. Many alternative health supporters believe that our bodies are deprived of oxygen, so we need to increase the levels of oxygen in our blood in order to get rid of toxins and cure disease.

Liquid Oxygen Drops that are Safer to Use

Polyatomic Tetraoxygen or o4 Oxozone

According to this product’s label, these drops are an O4 concentration that is comprised of four oxygen molecules. The concentration is suspended in a solution of sodium chloride that does not have much of a taste, yet is able to maintain the concentration for several years.

The website OxygenSuperCharger.com sells bio-available liquid oxygen that is completely natural. There are no chemicals used, so it is perfectly safe to ingest and there are no side effects. To fully understand how this is possible, here is a brief description of how it is produced:

This bio-available liquid oxygen product is created by a proprietary method and combines distilled water with a little bit of sea salt that is classified as food-grade. This mixture is then heated up using an electrical current, which produces various kinds of oxygen that is bio-available. Only a very small amount of sodium chloride is left behind in the final product.

The liquid oxygen drops sold by OxygenSuperCharger.com consist of 35 percent stabilized oxygen and does not have any dangerous hydrogen peroxide or chemicals that could potentially be dangerous or fatal.

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