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Early Childhood Oxygen Radicals and Life Span

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At first, it may sound strange that something with the word “oxygen” in it is would be bad for you…  such is the case with “free oxygen radicals” also known as “free radicals“.  Free oxygen radicals are related to the process of oxidation, which simply means to “break down”.  This is  like when metal rusts because it was exposed to oxygen, our bodies also deteriorate in the presence of free radical oxygen.  For more information about what free radicals are you can see our slide show at: https://oxygensupercharger.com/video-series/oxygen-antioxidants-and-free-radicals/

Oxygen molecules, which they are bonded to other molecules, like two molecules of hydrogen, creates H2O or water… a very good thing!  But when an oxygen molecule is unbonded, or “free” it flys around looking for something to bond to and in the process (usually only microseconds in length) causes cell damage.

Oxygen radicals are reactive molecules that damage cellular components, resulting in oxidative stress. Lately, taking anti-oxidants have become very popular as a way to control the molecular aging process. A recent study attempted to measure the reactive oxygen species in worms to identify which processes were affected. They found that very high levels of oxygen radicals exist in the worm’s body, long before the aging actually begins.  More at Presence of Oxygen Radicals in Early Childhood May Determine Life Span

They found that [when] animals are forced to deal with very high levels of reactive oxygen species long before old age. High levels of reactive oxygen were found to accumulate during early development (i.e., the childhood of …More at Does presence of oxidants early in life help determine life span?

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February 18th, 2018

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