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Does stabilized oxygen prevent stomach virus?

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Does stabilized oxygen prevent stomach virus?

I am hoping someone has tried this and can tell me, truly, does stabilized oxygen prevent a stomach virus?

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Oxygen is part of your body’s defenses against foreign bodies, free radicals, microbes, germs and viruses. Here is a slide show that gives a good overview of what oxygen is and the work it does in the body: How Oxygen Works To quote:

“Oxygen also plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. Oxygen is necessary for the formation of white blood cells that fight disease and help maintain good health. A good supply of oxygen is especially necessary when infection depletes oxygen your body uses to combat bad bacteria.”

So for a partial answer to your question, in general, good oxygen levels help your body to fight viruses.

As for stabilized oxygen products, you must first consider how the product is delivering the oxygen to the body and second, know if the product even has enough oxygen in it to have any actual benefits. Hydrogen peroxide products have several drawbacks, especially when taken over a period of time. The “old technology” products use some pretty toxic substances to “create” oxygen inside the body. If the product you are considering HAS TO be diluted to be used, chances are it is an “old technology” product. The new technology products use pure water, sea salt minerals and an electrical charge to bind oxygen molecules to the minerals. After removing the sea salt, all is left is a mineral water with oxygen stabilized within it.

For more information about the different “liquid oxygen” or “oxygen water” products, they are explained here: https://oxygensupercharger.com/activated-stabilized-oxygen-explained.html

So to answer your question fully: A stabilized oxygen product will not “prevent” a stomach virus. What it could do is raise the blood oxygen level so your body has one of the things it needs to fight invading viruses.


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