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Breathing Oxygen

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Breathing Methods And Your Oxygen Intake

Oxygen is what keeps us alive. A well oxygenated body is able to do many things, including fighting off diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are necessary in order to help patients fight certain diseases in hospitals. The more oxygen you breathe in, the healthier you can be.

Here is a fun fact: one acquires their breathing patterns from the people they observe while growing up. If your parents tend to be heavy breathers, chances are you picked up that behavior too. If you were raised by people who are shallow breathers, then you are likely to breathe that way too. You can however easily adopt new breathing patterns if you wish to.

Shallow breathing consists in drawing small breath in the lungs. It is also referred to as thoracic breathing or chest breathing. The air is drawn to the chest by using the intercostal muscles, located in the upper chest. You do not use your full lungs (or your diaphragm) with this breathing pattern. The diaphragm is the muscle located right under the rib cage, between the chest and the stomach.

Deep breathing using your full lungs

Deep breathing oxygen is the opposite of shallow breathing. It consists in contracting and relaxing your diaphragm to take deep breaths. This method is also called diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing or abdominal breathing. When you breath in deeply, air fills your lungs and your belly expands.

With deep breathing, the abdomen expands instead of the chest. This is often considered as a healthy and better way to get some oxygen. It is also an efficient way to stop hyperventilation, anxiety and even stuttering.

How to breathe from your diaphragm in a few simple steps:

Wear some loose clothes and make yourself comfortable.
Place a hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.
Inhale slowly through your nose or through your pursed lips in order to slow down your oxygen intake.
Push your abdomen out when you inhale, you will feel your belly expand.

You should try using this breathing exercise twice a day or anytime you experience stress or hyperventilation. This can also reduce pain. Breathing deeply is the best way to fight an oxygen deficiency. This is adapted from an article titled Health Hint: Breathing Exercises from amsa.org:

Abdominal breathing technique

Start by putting a hand on your chest and place the other on your stomach. When you inhale, the hand that is on your stomach should be higher than the other one. This is how you know that your diaphragm is drawing air to the bases of your lungs.

Exhale slowly through your mouth. Take a very deep breath through your nostrils. Visualize yourself inhaling all the air around you and count slowly to seven, or inhale for as long as you can.

You should then exhale through your mouth while counting to 8. Don’t forget to push out the remaining of air from your lungs by lightly contracting your abs as you slowly exhale. You might be tempted to inhale more deeply for this technique but you can in fact deepen your respiration by exhaling more slowly and more completely.

Do this breathing exercise five times in a row. You should try inhaling once every 10 seconds, which means you will be taking six breaths a minute. This rhythm will cause your heart rate to become more stable, which is excellent for your heart and your overall health.

You can start introducing words into this exercise once you become more comfortable with it. You could for instance say ‘relaxation’ as you inhale or say ‘anxiety’ as you exhale. The general idea is that you can associate a positive word with inhaling as if you were absorbing that feeling and to associate something negative with exhaling, as if you were pushing that unpleasant feeling out of your body.

Try exhaling for twice as long as you inhaled. Using your hands to feel your chest and abdomen rising is necessary so you can control your breathing. You can do this exercise without using your hands once you become more comfortable with it.

There are many other breathing oxygen exercises besides abdominal breathing. It is however the best exercise to get started with and it is important that you learn to master this technique before you move on to something more complicated. Breathing that way will become more natural to you as you practice.

You can also use an OxygenSuperCharger besides deep breathing exercises in order to increase the amount of oxygen you take in.
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How can you easily get used to breathing oxygen deeply? Place some items or some sticky dots in a few spots you will notice every day. For instance on a mirror, next to your computer screen or even above the sink in your kitchen. When you notice the dots or the items you placed there, breathe deeply from your diaphragm. This is the best way to get rid of any oxygen deficiency.

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