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The Benefits of Increase Oxygen Level

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Increase Energy Level

One way to to increase energy levels and cognitive abilities is the use of bio-available liquid oxygen supplements to increase oxygen level.  The supplements that contain actual oxygen molecules are safe and beneficial over the old-style chemical suppliments.  An increase in oxygen can improve your health in many ways.  One such way is to promote recovery following any strenuous activity.

Oxygen is required by every cell in your body. Without oxygen, serious medical conditions are possible.  By increasing oxygen saturation in the body, you can help your body to fight off the pathogenic viruses and bacteria that are responsible for most illnesses.  Increase oxygen level and it will also help to strengthen your immune system. This is turn will help your body to fight off any disease causing invaders.

Increase Oxygen Level

An increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood cells will increase the amount of iron, and other vital minerals, that can be delivered to body cells and tissue.  This in turn will lessen the chances of developing anemia, and can also help treat iron deficiency.  Dialysis patients are currently using increased oxygen to treat anemia related to their kidney disease.

The most important element in muscle performance is oxygen.  Without oxygen, muscles are unable to generate their main energy source, ATP.  Muscles also use oxygen to help counteract the buildup of lactic acid.  Lactic acid is responsible for muscle exhaustion and soreness following exercise.  Benefits of less lactic acid are an increase in physical performance, improved training ability and increased energy levels, both during and after a workout.  Oxygen is required after a strenuous workout to help your muscles rebuild.

When choosing an oxygen supplement it is important to pick one that is bio-available and within a safe pH range.  It is also advisable to avoid supplements with high levels of hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide may be toxic and has the potential to heighten the existence of free radicals.  It is best to take a liquid form of bio-available liquid oxygen.  The increase oxygen level may help to improve your health and help your muscles to recover from physical activities.

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