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Altitude Sickness

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Why Altitude Sickness Happens

Altitude sickness happens because of inadequate oxygen.  Increasing your body’s oxygen reserves will help and contribute to a quick restoration from tough injury, stress, and exercise. This is exceptionally critical for athletes and active people. Once you have all the oxygen you need, your strength immensely multiples. ss can hit anyone, regardless of your fitness level or lung capacity. It can last up to 2 days. After that time, your body will normally acclimate to the high altitude and your symptoms will subside. If you don’t want to wait for your body to naturally acclimate, oxygen enrichment is your best option. […]See all stories on this topic »

Spring is here!

As you start planning your summer adventures to higher altitude or just start getting outside for some more vigorous exercise in the nice weather don’t forget to add some Oxygen!  Many of us are training for that 5K or 10K fun run to test ourselves and make sure we are ready for the swimsuit season […]See all stories on this topic »

Traveling For The Holidays?

If you plan on hitting the slopes this holiday season, make sure you bring along OxygenSuperCharger!  If you live at elevation and you have family and friends visiting they will thank you for having OxygenSuperCharger for them.  Not only will it help with the effects of altitude sickness, it will increase energy while out […]See all stories on this topic »

Altitude Sickness Prevention – Bottle Oxygen

Featured on a Colorado Wedding Website for a source of Altitude Sickness Prevention.  If you are headed up to the mountains please consider carrying our product with you!See all stories on this topic »

Recreational Oxygen – High Altitude Hiking

I recently had a chance to test your product on a summit hike. A 14 mile round trip hike to the top of White Mountain in California. The Summit altitude was 14,246 FT. At 13,000 FT. I began to develop a Headache no Doubt due To […]See all stories on this topic »

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