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Bio-available Liquid Oxygen: The non-toxic alternative

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Bio-available Liquid Oxygen™ is a class of products that uses a process that “dissolves” oxygen molecules into water.

Bio-available Liquid Oxygen” is different from other, so called, “stabilized oxygen” products that DO NOT have oxygen in their liquid but rely on a chemical process inside the body to create the oxygen.  These “non-activated” products can have a pH level in the caustic* and toxic** range of 13.0 or greater!  They can also contain Chlorine Dioxide which is used as a pesticide and a bleaching agent, as well as high levels of salt.  So read the label and directions for use on the “liquid oxygen” or “oxygen water” product you are considering using.  If it tells you it MUST be diluted before using then it is highly likely to use these caustic chemicals.

caus·tic  /ˈkôstik/  Adjective:  Able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action.

tox·ic  /ˈtäksik/ Adjective: Poisonous.; Noun: Poisonous substances.

There are other products that are advertised to increase the oxygen available to your cells but they use a very strong hydrogen peroxide solution that is called “food grade hydrogen peroxide“.  The FDA has warned people not to purchase or using hydrogen peroxide internally.  The following is an excerpt from the WebMD.com article, High-Strength Hydrogen Peroxide Danger:

The FDA warns against using hydrogen peroxide internally, especially “food grade” hydrogen peroxide.

High-strength hydrogen peroxide has been falsely touted to treat AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses, but it has no approved medical uses, says the FDA.

In fact, high-strength hydrogen peroxide may kill or cause serious harm if ingested, even if it is labeled “food-grade,” according to the FDA.

Drinking high-strength hydrogen peroxide can cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulcers. Taking it intravenously can inflame the blood vessels at the injection site, cause bubbles in blood vessels (gas embolisms), and prompt potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, the FDA warns.

Bio-available Liquid Oxygen Benefits

OxygenSuperCharger™, or bio-available liquid oxygen, that can claim it is 35% strength because there is actually oxygen molecules in the liquid.  It is not caustic and non-toxic and has a practically neutral pH of 7.4.   A neutral pH refers to a chemical solution that is neither acidic nor alkaline (has a pH of 7.0), such as pure water.   Because of all this, you can feel safe that when you take OxygenSuperCharger directly from the bottle and use it either directly onto your skin or dropped into your mouth you will not experience those harmful effects.

As you can easily see, not all products that call themselves “stabilized oxygen” are made the same, and some can even be harmful. Choose an bio-available liquid oxygen product that is both high-strength and comfortable to take, like OxygenSuperCharger.

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