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Tips For Regaining Your Lung Capacity

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We all start to lose our lung capacity around the age of 30. By the time that we hit the age of 50 a lot of our lung capacity has diminished by as much as 50%. The problem with diminished lung capacity is that less oxygen is getting in the bloodstream and the resulting factor is that our cells get much less oxygen than they need. Often, the symptoms of a diminished lung capacity include being short on breath and having a diminished stamina and endurance when doing physical activities. It’s also important to note that if you are suffering from impaired lung capacity, you are more risk for common respiratory issues, which become more a factor, as you get older.

Simple Techniques to Help Improve Your Lung Capacity

1.    Learn to take deep breaths so that oxygen can flow through your bloodstream and oxygenate your cells. It may take some regular practice but do some daily breathing exercises to help expand your lungs.
2.    Learning to play a wind instrument can be helpful in learning to expand your lungs. For example, you could take up the flute or oboe and play the instrument for approximately 15 minutes a day and you’ll notice a daily improvement in your lung capacity.
3.    Exercise more. If you can participate in a high intensity exercise each day, you will not only increase your lung capacity, but increasing metabolic rate. It’s important to note that lower activity exercises have the reverse effect on your lung capacity. So, it’s important that you focus on high intensity exercise to help rebuild your lungs.

It’s important to note that the loss of lung capacity can be stopped. With the above exercises, you can actually regain a lot of your lung capacity and start to live a healthier lifestyle. This will help alleviate a lot of the symptoms that you may be experiencing including shortness of breath and fatigue.

There are some health supplements that are available to help stabilize the oxygen in your body. They are advertised to help your breathing as well as increase lung capacity. This may be a good way for you to increase your lung capacity if you’re unable to do the techniques that have been listed above.

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June 1st, 2017

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