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Oxygen Health Role

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What is the role of Oxygen in overall health?

Oxygen Health: Two words that are tightly linked because they are tightly linked within your body…  Your body has a complex and elaborate system.  For instance, your blood vessels ferry oxygen from the lungs to your cells every time you draw a breath.

Oxygen FAQ #1:

On a cellular level, Oxygen is a key ingredient in all processes that involve the absorption of nutrients, the energy cycle of the cell itself, and the elimination of toxins from the cell. If there is not enough oxygen in the blood and delivered to the cells, then this process breaks down. Insufficient Oxygen in the blood also reduces the “line-of-defense” of the human immune system.  Read More FAQs

For a great presentation on how oxygen works, see our narrated slide show at: https://oxygensupercharger.com/how-oxygen-works.html

What is blood?

Blood is made up of several types of cells and proteins:

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to cells throughout the body.
  • White blood cells help fight infections.
  • Platelets help form clots to stop bleeding.
  • Plasma, the liquid part of blood, contains many types of proteins. These include proteins that help the blood to clot and proteins that protect the body from viruses and infection. Plasma also contains substances such as dissolved salts, sugars, and hormones.

Blood cells are produced by the soft tissue inside your bones, called bone marrow. Your body produces hun-dreds of billions of new blood cells each day. Excerpt from: Blood Disorders

Oxygen and Disease

The diseases that are caused by bacteria and viruses are predominantly called “anaerobic” disease, which simply means that it can’t exist in the presence of oxygen.  it is, simply and definitively, scientific fact that the bacteria and viruses causing most diseases just can not exist when surrounded with active forms of oxygen… even if they are inside the body.  Therefore, when your body has enough oxygen present it is more resistant to these invaders which, in turn, makes you more healthy.

Oxygen Deficiency

Let’s look at a disease that has it’s main health impact as reducing oxygen concentrations in the blood…. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The disease destroys the delicate little air sacs in your lungs.  This is where air meets the blood and oxygen is absorbed. When these sacs are damaged, oxygen levels in the blood begin to drop. If it’s a chronic problem, it can lead to kidney and memory problems. Refernce:  How, Why, and When to use Oxygen

Oxygen Health Summary

Oxygen is the key element that allows your body to function and fight off disease.  Diseases that are caused by viruses and bacteria can not live in the presence of oxygen. Improving oxygen levels improves your ability to fight disease.


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