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The New Oxygen Water

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The water market is a billion dollar industry and while my mother was very dubious of drinking water from a plastic bottle and not from the tap, drinking water from bottles is just so common nowadays. It seems almost everyone is doing it. Not only just water – there have been some variations too. Nowadays you can get spring, distilled, purified, sparkling, even vitamin water! The new oxygen water is the new kid on the block. Even Dr. Oz is talking about it.

Oxygen water may be good for your health and also for your skin, and in fact maybe better than run of the mill top water.

When extra oxygen is added into your blood stream, your muscles benefit from the oxygen and so does your heart.  There have even been people reporting that oxygen water has helped improve their wrinkles and reduced hair loss.

The truth is that in our stressed out super-fast world of today, our bodies are often depleted of oxygen.

How many deep breaths do we take a day? Just think about it – hardly any usually. How often do we breathe in fresh mountain air or the salty air of the seaside? Again probably not often – maybe once or twice a year if we are lucky when we are on vacation. If we are deficient in oxygen, then that could cause a myriad of symptoms such as poor digestion, circulation issues, memory loss, just to name a few.

Also, some of the foods we eat and drink cause our bodies to release their often poor supply of oxygen. Alcohol is a common cause and so is smoking, of course. However, sport activities that are carried out at a higher altitude may also have us gasping for more oxygen, like skiing or mountain climbing.

It therefore makes sense that oxygen water could be helpful for us. Every bit of oxygen we put in our bodies is a good thing.  OxygenSuperCharger is 35% Bio-available Liquie Oxygen.

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