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What are Liquid Oxygen Drops

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Liquid Oxygen Drops.  What are they and why should I use them?

Liquid oxygen drops is another name for bio-available liquid oxygen, stabilized oxygen, or/and oxygen water.  In general, these are products that liquid that can be ingested and will increase oxygen levels in the blood.  There are a number of ways this can be accomplished and some are not as safe as others.

Unsafe Liquid Oxygen Drops

The two types of liquid oxygen drops which have the most known side effects are hydrogen peroxide and the old technology stabilized oxygen.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The FDA itself has warned consumers they should not purchase hydrogen peroxide and/or use it internally.  Especially true for the high-strength form known as food-grade hydrogen peroxide that can kill or cause serious harm if ingested.  It can cause ulcers and gastrointestinal irritation. It can inflame blood vessels,, cause bubbles in blood vessels, also known as “gas embolisms”, and trigger potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

“Old Technology” Stabilized Oxygen

The old technology stabilized oxygen products DO NOT contain any oxygen.  Instead, they rely on a chemical process once their formula is ingested which then creates oxygen inside the body..  As reported in an earlier article, Bio-available Liquid Oxygen: The non-toxic alternative:

These “non-activated” products can have a pH level in the caustic* and toxic** range of 13.0 or greater!  They can also contain Chlorine Dioxide which is used as a pesticide and a bleaching agent, as well as high levels of salt.  So read the label and directions for use on the “liquid oxygen” or “oxygen water” product you are considering using.  If it tells you it MUST be diluted before using then it is highly likely to use these caustic chemicals.

Oxygen Goes Mainstream

In recent years a whole alternative health industry has sprung up around oxygen in the form of “oxygen bars” or “oxygen spas“.  “Oxygen Bar guests will pay about one U.S. dollar per minute to inhale an increased percentage of oxygen compared to the normal atmospheric content of 20.9% oxygen…  It has been claimed by alternative medicine that the human body is oxygen deprived, and so that more oxygen will remove “toxins” and even cure cancer.” Wikipedia: Oxygen Bar

Safe Liquid Oxygen Drops

O4 oxozone (polyatomic tetraoxygen)

O4 oxozone (polyatomic tetraoxygen)

The liquid oxygen drops FAQs state that “liquid oxygen drops are a concentrated mix of 04 which is 4 molecules of oxygen not just 2 molecules as in O2. They are suspended in a sodium chloride solution that has very little taste but naturally preserves the oxygen’s concentration for years.”

The Liquid Stabilized Oxygen product sold by OxygenSuperCharger.com is all-natural oxygen.  It is not created from a chemical process and as such, it is not unsafe to use.  There is no downside to its use.  To understand this better, take a quick look at how OxygenSuperCharger’s Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is created:

The Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is processed by a secret, proprietary method.  The method uses distilled water and a very tiny amount of food grade sea salt, which is heated with an electrical current in order to create dissolved oxygen, along with other species of oxygen, all of which are bio-available. An almost insignificant amount of molecular sodium chloride (otherwise known as “sea salt”) remains in the final solution, less than 40 parts per million, per dose.

OxygenSuperCharger Liquid Oxygen Drops are 35% bio-available liquid oxygen, contains no hydrogen peroxide and no caustic or toxic chemicals.


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