Oxygen Water H2O

The Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Market

Not all stabilized oxygen products are made the same!

Most of the oxygen water products, also called Stabilized Liquid Oxygen, on the market are what we call the "old technology" of oxygen bonded to a salt and often includes chlorite rather than chloride… this is actually a very important distinction.

With most of these old technology products, no actual oxygen is available until a chemical reaction occurs within the body.  For instance, like when it comes into contact with the acid found in the stomach. These high alkaline level products are caustic and can cause severe burns. They must be diluted in water before they can be taken.

Why OxygenSuperCharger Is Better.

Two important things distinguish the new state-of-the-art in Stabilized Liquid Oxygen:

1)   The Oxygen is bio-available. It is already present without a chemical reaction taking place.
2)   The pH level of the liquid oxygen is in a completely safe range.

Oxygen Super Charger ASO® is completely safe with an approximate 7.4 pH and is bio-available and ready to "go to work."  Why is it safe?  Because it's made with a propriatory method that breaks the electric bonds of oxygen from water then stabilizes it in a saline solution at a 35% strength.  No other product can make this claim!

For more information about why our stabilized liquid oxygen product is different as well as being safe to use, please see our FAQs.

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