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History of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen

What is the history behind your stabilized liquid oxygen and how is it made?

OxygenSuperCharger is the premiere "new technology" stabilized liquid oxygen product.

This new technology use quite a revolutionary and proprietary process which cost over a million dollars to develop and perfect. 

The ingredients are actually quite simple…  they are water and sodium chloride (salt). The sodium chloride is added to increase electrical conductivity of the water and this, in turn, helps facilitate the manufacturing process.  The actual process that creates OxygenSuperCharger separates the oxygen molecules from the H2O, and stabilizes the oxygen in the water. The process begins with a saline solution similar to that used by most hospitals that utilizes the salt. What happens to it after that is a closely guarded secret, except to say that it is put through a special electrolysis process. The end result is remarkable. A very high concentration of Oxygen, safe pH levels, and with amazingly small quantities of chloride and sodium remaining.

What we can tell you about the process is this… OxygenSuperCharger's proprietary process combines pure water with a combination of sea salts that have certain desirable properties that enhance the creation of our product.

When a certain type of electrical charge is applied to the salt water solution, the resulting chemical reaction splits the electrical bond holding the hydrogen and oxygen molecules together.  When the oxygen melecules are no longer bonded to the hydrogen then are "re-bonded" to the minerals from the salf.  This is what the term "stabilized" means.

After the electrical process is complete, the unnecessary salt is removed from the product, leaving behind the minerals and a very slight taste of salt.

As you can see, our product is very safe because there is no harmful ingredients.

If you would like a fuller explanation of our product and the proprietary process, please see our narrated slide show at:  Activated Stabilized Oxygen Explained

Reference: OxygenSuperCharger FAQs


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